Olympic-Size Hatred


It was troubling to listen to the news coverage of the Olympic Committee’s selection of Rio de Janeiro as the host of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

The attitude being displayed by the “news”casters on CNN was ridiculous, and it was hard not to feel some embarrassment for the United States being a poor loser if the world took CNN’s views as representative of the country as a whole. Were they upset because they are a left-leaning news organization and were extra frustrated because President Obama couldn’t deliver the games to Chicago?

Perhaps, because on the other side of the political spectrum was the Fox News channel, with their version of a biased blowhard — Glenn Beck — who was elated that Chicago lost.

The reality is that both sides need to get a grip. The Left needs to see that Obama can’t make everything happen, but the Right needs to realize that everything that goes wrong is not Obama’s fault. Listening to the partisan newscasts and watching the Facebook and Twitter feeds from the Democratic and Republican party faithful was frustrating for me.

No matter what the outcome of the Chicago bid for the Olympics, folks on the far Right would have found a reason to hate it. We lost, so they’re saying it’s Obama’s fault and even celebrating the loss. If we had won, they would have argued it was just Obama greasing the skids for his Chicago cronies.

Because Obama went to Copenhagen, the Right is arguing he wasted tax dollars. But if he hadn’t gone, he probably would have been accused of letting the country down and been labeled as not caring.

What does spitting this much venom at people do for the good of the country? The Left did it against Bush and the Right seems to think it’s payback time.

The politics of hatred from both sides is unbelievable. I’m sick of the schoolyard mentality of our political and party  leaders. I’m interested in promoting and protecting common sense, which is one of the first casualties when people start drinking the Kool-Aid from the cups adorned with either an elephant or a donkey.

Both sides of the political spectrum are proving lately that they are so blinded by hate for each other that those of us in the middle mean nothing, nor does the future of this country. I doubt I’m alone in believing that we have the greatest country in the world not because of the Republican or Democratic parties, but in spite of them.

Where is the independent or third-party candidate we can believe in? When will voters wake up, get informed, and stop giving in to the idea that only an R or a D behind your name will get you to the White House, or Congress, or a state Capitol building?

Am I just too cynical and bitter toward the status quo? Am I alone feeling this way? Should I sit back with a Kool-Aid of my choice and just let things happen as they may?

Let’s have an honest and open discussion about what’s going on in this country once and for all. I’m open-minded and am willing to be shown where I’m wrong and why I should believe in one major party or the other. But the challenge is yours to convince me, because I’m quite fed up with both sides right now.

One comment on “Olympic-Size Hatred

  1. I think the most frightening thing about partisan news is that there is NO content there. Consider the health care coverage: Fox is saying Democrats want to kill old people and CNN is calling Republicans crazy. Does anyone know what’s in the health bill? Does anyone know how they will be affected? I would say most don’t, unfortunately. They do, however, know who to blame. Isn’t that the most important thing after all?


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