Comment Policy

This comment policy was borrowed, with permission, from Amy Mengel at Mengel Musings because it rocks and conveys exactly what I wanted. Thank you Amy!

I encourage comments on this blog, especially insightful ones that lead to further discussion and debate. Please adhere to the following guidelines when leaving a comment and we’ll all get along just fine:

  • Use your real name and link to an online profile or blog, if you have one. Don’t hide behind anonymous comments. This is not a newspaper blog. Take responsibility for your thoughts by identifying yourself.
  • If I mention a brand or company in a post and you happen to work for that company and comment on said post, identify yourself as an employee. Even if you’re not speaking on behalf of the company or brand, it looks a whole lot less shady and duplicitous if you just come out and say, “Hey, I happen to work for XYZ, but here are my personal thoughts on this topic.”
  • Don’t be a bully, a jerk, or a no-talent ass-clown. Respect other people’s opinions. You can disagree, sure, but there’s no need to attack, mock or insult other readers, and I will delete any comments that do so.
  • I don’t manually approve comments. I use spam-filters to catch spam comments on this blog and everything else should post immediately. If you left a legitimate comment but think it may have been caught in the filter, please contact me and let me know. All comments I deem to be spam will be deleted.
  • Try to stay on topic, but please challenge me and my thinking. Help me to get smarter by pointing out flaws in my logic, arguing additional points of view, or playing devil’s advocate. While the “Great post!” comments are nice, I think we all grow and learn more as a community when we banter around opposing points of view.
  • If you don’t follow these guidelines, I reserve the right to block you from commenting on this site. So play nice.

What do you think? Please let everyone know!

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