Who reports on outsourcing when the news is outsourced?

The Chief Suit in Charge of Stupid Ideas at MediaNews Group, also known as CEO Dean Singleton, recently called for the outsourcing of newsroom activities at newspapers across the United States.

Who is going to report on the loss of jobs, the loss of journalistic integrity and the ridiculous concept of having people in other states and maybe even other countries handling your local news if the journalists are the ones being outsourced?

This isn’t some small-town local paper publisher saying this. It’s the CEO of MediaNews Group – the corporation that publishes The Denver Post, The Detroit News and 52 other daily newspapers.

This issue should not be shrugged off by the industry or its customers.

Singleton did say no decision has been made to outsource newsroom functions, so maybe you think I’m jumping the gun by sounding the alarm?

I don’t think so. Pre-production work for newspapers owned by MediaNews Group is now almost entirely done in India and Singleton said they’re talking about outsourcing delivery and circulation call centers. Singleton is quoted saying he thinks all-electronic editions of newspapers make sense, as do beefing up advertising sales forces and publishing more niche publications like wedding planners to sell more ads.

Any time these corporate suits think they can make or save a buck, consequences be damned.

As of this afternoon, there is confirmation that Booth Newspapers is consolidating newsrooms in Michigan. Jim Carty does a good job of outlining what’s going on at his blog, Paper Tiger No More.

The newspaper industry is already wondering if it should be drafting its obituary. If people like Singleton and the suits at Booth are allowed to continue destroying local newspapers, then it’s already past deadline.