It’s been too long, but life happens

I haven’t been on here to post anything since April 2015. But I’m “out and about” online everywhere if you want to find me.

Eventually, I may get back to regularly blogging. My wife and I recently bought a Roadtrek Class B RV and we’ve talked about sharing our experiences as new RV owners.

In the meantime, though, you can find me on Twitter at @aribadler, which is where a lot of my online interaction occurs. I’m also on Medium, which may be where I post the RV adventures. I really like the simplicity of that system.

It’s been too long without doing anything formal in terms of blogging, but life happens and sometimes I’m too busy living to write about life.

I hope 2015 treated you well and you have a fantastic 2016.




One comment on “It’s been too long, but life happens

  1. Hi Ari, was reading your post in Roadtrek Group. Also just purchased mine last summer, 2014 190 Popular…That being said, read your Bio & thought you might know my friend & neighbor Tom Watson, also had been under Engler…. (State School Superintendent) & now head of Wayne Co Mental Health, anyway, greetings from Northville & wishing you & your wife fun times in your Roadtrek! Still a learning process for me!


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