Seeing Arctic Blast 2014 through Glass

20140106_090448_220_xIt’s being called Arctic Blast 2014 by some news outlets because of the dangerous wind chills predicted at nearly 30 below zero. I’ve also seen it referred to as Snowmageddon by friends on Facebook. Whatever you want to call it, I decided to capture some of the highlights through my Google Glass.

This was definitely a good time to use the hands-free operation, as well as the picture and video capabilities.

You’ll notice in the picture above, and in several others in the Google+ album I created, that the current weather report is overlaid on the scene. This is an awesome feature known as a vignette on Glass. If you have something on your view screen when you push the button to take a picture, you have an additional menu option of “make vignette” after the picture is recorded. Glass then takes your current screen view and places it as an overlay on a copy of your photo. It’s nice that you get the original picture and your vignetted version saved to Glass (and later uploaded to Google+ when you connect to power and have a wi-fi connection).

I also did this during the Rose Bowl on Jan. 1 to capture a couple of fun updates for posting to social media — especially when the Michigan State University Spartans became the champs!


What do you think? Please let everyone know!

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