Now Showing: My Santa Runs a 5K race

Below is a video shot on my Google Glass this morning – at the finish of a 5K that my wife ran. I was outside for a while in 12-degree weather and the Glass performed admirably, although I did notice that the battery didn’t last very long today.

I shot this video, used it for turn-by-turn directions, took a handful of pictures and did a small amount of reading with a couple of news alerts. Perhaps the extreme cold was a factor? I’m guessing it must have some impact.

I must say, shooting this with Glass was a lot easier in the cold weather than on using my iPhone. Plus, I think the first-person perspective lends something to the experience that a third-person view from a video camera or phone wouldn’t offer.

By the way, her Santa look nabbed her first place in the costume contest!  🙂

When I told her at the end that she should say hi to her fans, she took off running instead of waving, explaining later that she didn’t realize I was shooting the video. It’s one of those times where having a red light on the front to let folks know I’m recording would prove useful. Some people are fearful of an invasion of privacy if we don’t have that light; I think it’s more about keeping your subjects informed of when they are and aren’t on camera to make better videos.

What do you think? Please let everyone know!

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