The Google Glass box didn’t fall far from the Apple tree

I received my Google Glass (#teamshale!) a few days ago but thanks to a very hectic work schedule this week, I haven’t had a chance to set it up until this weekend. That figures, right?! I did manage to spend a little time late one evening preparing for the initial setup  by performing the unboxing ceremony and getting my Glass plugged in so it was fully charged and ready for action.

On a side note, Glass did come with enough charge for me to turn it on once and use the initializing screen to adjust the fit and feel of the unit. After just a few minutes, however, I saw the dreaded empty battery icon and had to plug in. It’s been sitting unplugged and unused for a few days now so I have the unit charging again while I’m writing this post. Apparently, just sitting around in its case does use some battery life.

As I noted in the title to this post, I found the unboxing reminiscent of the same ceremony with Apple products I’ve purchased. Stark whiteness in boxing and accessory envelopes abounds, with simplicity and straightforward markings being prevalent.

2013-12-10 22.29.562013-12-10 22.30.34

Because I’m in the second round of Explorers, I’m starting my experience with version two of Google Glass. That means I also received the sunglass attachment and the mono earbud, both of which were nicely packaged and the sunglass attachment even has a protective storage sleeve for carrying it around. I should note it is protecting the lenses from scratches, but being a soft-sided slipcase, it’s not protecting it from much else.

2013-12-10 22.39.26

2013-12-10 22.33.38

The Glass itself is nicely presented in the box, complete with a translucent protective overpage, although I have to wonder if that’s really more about presentation than anything else. Under the shelf holding Glass you find the protective carrying pouch for the unit, and then the power block and cord, which are locked into the bottom of the box by the sheer tight fit of the cutouts in the cardboard.

On another side note, while I dislike when people judge a product without using it first, I will break my rule in this case. My first impression of the carrying case is that it’s a bit big and awkward, but I suppose there are limitations on what could be done to create a case for something as out-of-the-ordinary as Glass. I did notice a couple of people on Google+ talking about how they wish the case design had pockets for the accessories, instead of just providing a big pouch for us to pour everything into and out of. I will probably agree, although as I said, I haven’t even used it yet, so I shall reserve judgment.

2013-12-10 22.37.12 2013-12-10 22.36.42

2013-12-10 22.38.11

2013-12-10 22.40.37

Also in the bottom of the box was the white envelope with minimal instructions for getting started, which also is very Apple-esque, although I would note that Google seems to have a more wry sense of humor in its writing, which I appreciate. I also appreciated that Google is straight with its users in noting that “like everything, there’s a time and place.” Hopefully, that will convince some people not to fall into the proverbial trap of becoming a “Glasshole,” but alas, the only reason there isn’t a clever euphemism for people being assholes with their cell phones is that the rhyming variant doesn’t exist.

2013-12-10 22.41.38 2013-12-10 22.42.45

All in all, the unboxing was a decent experience. The anticipation of receiving Glass was met with an excitement unmarred by anything too obnoxious in unpacking them. Hopefully, the setup goes just as well. If it doesn’t, well I’m sure I’ll adapt, as all good explorers should.

2013-12-10 22.44.20

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