Edelman keynote offered keys to success


If Richard Edelman practices what he preaches, it is no wonder that Edelman Public Relations is considered one of the best firms in the world.

I recently heard Edelman speak at a leadership rally hosted by the Public Relations Society of America. Here are a few highlights from my notes on his keynote address:

1. Whatever you earn you should reinvest in the business, not fancy suits and fast cars.

2. Client service is more important than how much money you make and run with. If you do good work clients will pay you. The more good work you do, the more clients you get.

3. There should only be one person in charge. This is especially difficult when working with friends and family but it’s still necessary.

4. Don’t borrow money. Grow your business at a good pace based on the money you have on hand.

5. Aspire big! Have a dream and go for it. Be willing to take a risk.

6. Share the wealth. If you make money make sure you give bonuses to your staff to keep them happy and interested in working with you.

7. Give back to your community. Consider serving on boards and doing pro bono work.

8. Have a life. Do not be a slave to your job. If you are beat up you are useless to your company, your clients and your family.

Granted, some of what he said is probably easy to say when you’re in charge of a massive firm like Edelman. But maybe how the Edelmans think is what made them successful in the first place. It’s an interesting chicken and egg question to ponder while you plot your path to success.

You also should spend time at Edelman’s blog, “6 a.m.” His June 10 and June 2 entries address what he covered at the PR conference I attended and even offer additional insights.


What do you think? Please let everyone know!

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