A royal mad lib

Back in 1775, with a shot heard ’round the world, the colonial states decided to declare independence from the tyrannical rule of a royal family. Why then, are we so enamored with royalty? The latest case in point is the ridiculous story posted by the Associated Press about Prince William and his bride, Kate Middleton. I might have let this go if I’d stumbled across the story in the entertainment or people-watching section of the AP’s news feed. But, alas, this was brought up on my AP Mobile app under “top U.S. news.” Really?

So, in protest to this “news,” I’ve decided the best way to handle it was to turn the article into a royal mad lib. Have fun filling in the blanks with a friend!

AP Photo

LONDON (AP) – Prince William and Kate Middleton look __________ (adverb), __________ (adjective) and very much in ______ (emotion) in official photos released to mark their engagement.

One of the two images by Mario Testino shows the couple, dressed in __________ (noun) and casual __________ (plural noun), smiling in each others’ __________ (body part). The other, more formal, depicts them standing together in a __________ (room) at St. James’ Palace.

The pictures, released Sunday by the prince’s office, were taken by fashion photographer Testino, a royal family favorite who captured some of the most iconic images of William’s late mother, Princess Diana.

Testino said the couple appeared “in their __________ (adjective) and brimming with __________”(adverb) when he photographed them on Nov. 25.

“I have never felt so much __________ (emotion) as when I see them together,” he said.

The Peruvian photographer, who made his name shooting models like Kate Moss, took a series of glamorous black-and-white images of Diana that were published in Vanity Fair in 1997, shortly before her death in a Paris car crash.

William, who is second in line to the British throne, has inherited his mother’s __________(adjective). In both pictures he and Middleton appear entirely __________ (adjective) with the __________ (noun) and each other.

In the formal photos the couple stands on a __________(color) __________ (noun) in the palace’s Council Chamber – in front of __________(noun) of some of William’s ancestors – smiling toward the __________(noun), as Middleton rests her __________(body part) on her fiance’s __________(body party). He wears a __________(noun) and __________(color) __________(noun) over a __________(color) __________(noun), she a smart __________(color) __________(noun) from Reiss.

The more intimate picture shows the pair __________(verb) broadly as they __________(verb) in front of a __________(noun)at the palace, with William wrapping his __________(body part) around Middleton while she puts her __________(body part) on his __________(body part). Clearly visible is the __________(noun) William gave her – a __________(shape) __________(noun) surrounded by __________(plural noun) that belonged to his mother.

Both wear __________(noun), with Middleton sporting a __________(noun) from mid-market retailer Whistles and William wearing a __________(color) __________(noun) over a __________(color) __________(noun) from traditional tailors Turnbull and Asser.

William and Middleton, both 28, announced last month that they will __________(verb) on April 29 at __________(location) in __________(city).

Testino has often photographed members of the royal family, taking portraits to mark Prince William’s 21st birthday in 2003 and his younger brother Prince Harry’s 20th birthday the next year. He also has photographed their father, Prince Charles, for Vogue magazine.


By the way, you can view the original article here.

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