That’s going to leave a mark

UPDATE — I’m not sure when it actually happened, but as of Monday, Sept. 13, the video has been removed by the Michigan GOP. I can’t say for certain that my blog posts, the media coverage and many people joining me in deriding this ad had an effect, but I’d like to think so. Thanks to all who commented or sent notes of support.

I’ve had active blog posts before, the kind that get people talking and commenting on the page, via Twitter or in person. To date the largest single day of visits came when my post about President Obama’s handling of the Henry Gates situation was featured on for a while. And I’ve had many posts that had more visitors than the one I wrote on Tuesday about a Michigan Republican Party YouTube video that I felt sullied the Lansing community. But the “Pure Crap” post has easily claimed the title for drawing the most attention from mainstream media.

After word started spreading about the video and my post railing against it, I was contacted by several reporters while others simply wrote about the situation without talking to me. Tim Nester read the post on his show. I was featured in radio segments on City Pulse On Air and Ebling and You. The City Pulse wrote an article, as did Gongwer News Service. And this morning I was mentioned in a political column in The Detroit News.

Certainly, my post wasn’t that extraordinary. What really got the media interested is that I was writing about disagreeing with a Republican video and I’m a former Republican spokesperson, having been the press secretary for a Michigan Senate majority leader. That’s what makes the whole thing newsworthy. And, hopefully, that’s going to leave a mark on the communications strategies for the state Republican and state Democratic parties. Both have been slinging the mud for so long now that people have come to expect it. But that doesn’t make it right and I needed to say it — regardless of my supposed political loyalty. As I mentioned in several of my interviews, many political operatives I speak with say “negative works,” while the average voters on the street I speak to often complain about the negative messaging.

I’ve also been involved in politics long enough to know I’m probably going to be asked by more than one person what I’ve been smoking. But I felt it was important to speak out and leave my mark. I hope that, even if my efforts don’t change the tactics of political operatives in this state, that I might inspire a few more people to stand up and say something when it needs to be said.

So I’m challenging everyone reading this blog to stand up, speak out and leave their mark. Even if it doesn’t change things immediately, it will make you feel better knowing that you tried. And, just maybe, if enough of us inspire others, we might actually see the power of positive change in Michigan. Who is with me?

7 comments on “That’s going to leave a mark

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  2. I’m glad you’re calling shenanigans when necessary and I hope it inspires people to do it, too. The masses have the power to call out ridiculous campaigning and I hope this is a trend this election season. Props!


  3. Right on, Ari.

    Your views earn attention and respect because they’re delivered in a Pure Voice representing a positive agenda: “to speak out and leave my mark.” That’s a refreshing contrast to Pure Crap, just as you note.

    We’re fed up and we won’t listen anymore to the latter — from any side.


  4. I’m with you Ari.

    And for the record I would like to agree that negative advertising and political campaigns turn me off. If you have a good product or are the best candidate for the job tell me what you can do, what makes you the person or product I should vote for – don’t waste my time and your money telling me why the other guy is so bad. I’ll figure that out for myself if it’s true.

    Way to stand up for something you believe in!


    • I may have burned a few political bridges with former colleagues, but sometimes, you just have to do what’s right and not worry so much about how other people will view you because of it. Thanks for reading and commenting Neko!


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