Regret or rejoice – it’s your choice

My daughter Lainee has been writing poetry lately as part of her 8th grade Language Arts class. She’s been a voracious reader and prolific writer of stories for years — both of which make me a really proud dad. Now, thanks to her class, it seems she’s taken to channeling her thoughts into poetry. Here’s a great example of not just an “A” on her assignment, but an “A+” on learning about life at a young age. With her permission, here it is:


By Lainee Adler

Life is like a camera flash, or a droplet’s splash

Stop time if you dare

To live as you seek

Stop and smell the roses, strike a couple poses

It is only fair

To warn the strong and the weak

That once that flash has faded, your life won’t be so jaded

Time is like a bear

Hunting down its prey

Don’t run, just have fun

It’s better that way

Live in the moment

Things don’t happen twice, you’ll have to pay the price

If you skip ahead

Get out of the fast lane, take it slow

Laugh and shout, cry and pout

When you’re lying in your bed

And your life is just a glow

The end is near, but do not fear

If you took my advice, you won’t pay the price

Of regretting the years in your life

Instead of rejoicing the life in your years

(This picture of Lainee is nearly a couple of years old now, but it’s always been one of my favorites, and I thought it went really well with this poem. ~ aba)

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