Hey, down in front!

Whatever happened to common courtesy at movie theaters? Is it because they’re in a darkened space that people feel less responsible for their actions? For one reason or another, I have seen more movies in the theater lately and the level of civility seems pretty low.

Here is a list of five things I’d like every moviegoer to keep in mind. Have you got any you’d like to add to the list? Please feel free to do so.

  • Don’t talk loudly during previews. Admittedly, most people have figured out that you shouldn’t talk during the feature because at $8 to $10 and more being spent for a ticket, your risk of getting a beating is pretty high. But what about the previews? Sure, you  may want to react to a preview and share your thoughts with your companion about whether you want to see that movie or not. But can’t you do it in a whisper so we can watch the next preview without having to listen to you talk?
  • Don’t forget your mother doesn’t work at the theater and isn’t going to clean up after you. Granted, the system is somewhat flawed. After all, the artificial butter-flavored grease can be messy, and so can the powdered chemicals you’re invited to sprinkle on your tub of popcorn. The pop machines are a sticky mess waiting to happen; those stupid dispensers are destined to put out more unwrapped (and unsanitary) straws than anyone can use. But shouldn’t that be all the more reason to be careful and try to minimize the disgusting blend of crap you’re leaving all over the counter for the next people to avoid while trying to get their treats ready for showtime?
  • Again, your mother doesn’t work there and isn’t going to clean up after you. So take your crap with you and dump it in the trash cans they have now placed almost directly in your path as you exit the theater. It’s your trash, take it with you!
  • Don’t forget to turn off your mobile phones. We paid to watch a movie and hear great dialogue and a stirring soundtrack, not your ringtone.
  • Don’t jump out of your seat the second a movie’s version of “The End” hits the screen. A lot more time, money and energy are being spent on end credits. Sometimes there are more scenes to watch. Sometimes there’s more music to listen to, or the people behind you might like to see the credits to learn an actor’s name or figure out where the movie was filmed. If you aren’t patient enough to sit still for another five minutes, then at least get up and quickly get out of the way. You make a lot better door than a window, so down in front!
(Photo courtesy of ChrisGoldNY.)

One comment on “Hey, down in front!

  1. Please keep your feet off my seat & for theaters that have chairs that recline – please be considerate of those sitting behind you.


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