RIP 5Ws, Here Comes Later

ripBetween a Facebook status update and a blog post I wrote for Digital Pivot, I’ve ended up using the phrase “here comes later” several times today — and it really stuck with me.

I’ve wondered for some time about whether to change the title of this blog from 5Ws because it’s such a well-used phrase that my little blog gets lost in a sea of Google searches on the subject.

5Ws was a great blog name to start with, especially when you consider that I’m a former journalist and that I started the blog to focus only on the facts and stay away from having too much opinion interjected. But, alas, that has changed. As my friend Julielyn Gibbons at i3Strategies likes to say, “I blog because not only do I have an opinion, but I cannot keep it to myself.”

I have found over time that I post to this blog when I am struck by inspiration. More routine, fact-based and link-laden posts regarding the online world end up over at Digital Pivot — where they belong. But this space is mine, to do with as I please and, hopefully, encourage others to do the same either via their own blogs or by joining a discussion on this site.

I suppose you could say I changed the name on a whim, but so what. As I said in my DP post this morning, the Internet is an awesome testament to anarchy. And what better way to celebrate anarchy than to change the name of my blog and its theme just because I had an urge to?

So RIP 5Ws, you served me well. And now…here comes later.

What do you think? Please let everyone know!

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