Too bad screaming for attention works

It’s too bad, and perhaps a sign of why society is so dysfunctional and overpopulated with lawyers, that screaming for attention and threatening people works to get problems resolved.

In an earlier post, I lamented about the horrible customer service I was receiving from Comcast regarding an error on my cable TV bill. It appears the trouble has been fixed and, to Comcast’s credit, they are trying to make amends with me.

The problem is, I had to scream at them to get anything done.

The last straw was when I tried to reach customer service by phone again and was told, again, I needed a supervisor. I waited patiently and was connected to the supervisor’s line, which had an automated recording telling me they were busy and offered a call back. I took it, and about 30 minutes later I received a phone call from another automated system. When activated through the suggested telephone prompts, I was dumped into Comcast’s internal system and repeatedly asked to enter various codes based on which company call center I was working at.

During the 30-minute wait, I finally lost control and exploded all over Comcast with an angry email. It was the most venomous email I can ever remember sending to a business. It’s not my style and I felt bad after I hit send, albeit the venting rant helped release some tension.

Lo and behold, within a few hours, my problem had been resolved. Finally, after months of telephone and online battles via the normal channels and playing by the rules, I got some service. I also received a nice apology and am supposedly going to receive a couple of Pay Per View movies free to make up for my inconvenience.

The email I received last night was a welcome relief from the nightmare I’ve been dealing with. The bigger problem is it’s an email I should have received months ago. It’s an email I should have received while playing by the rules and without having to unload on them.

It’s too bad screaming for attention works. But it’s undeniable now that it can get something accomplished. How sad.

One comment on “Too bad screaming for attention works

  1. I have been on the phone numerous times to get a problem with my student loans fixed through Sallie Mae. I have sent paperwork in several times and while they acknowledge the paperwork has been recieved, I still get paperwork from them saying that my student loans are so many days past due. That was as far as I have gotten thus far. With the governments takeover of government loan programs, I’m concerned it will continue to get worse.


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