Real bruises won’t cut it?

In the latest trend of “it’s more important if it happens to a celebrity,” famous stars in the United Kingdom have had their images Photoshopped to appear as though they were victims of domestic violence.

According to a story in Trend Hunter magazine, Women’s Aid, the national domestic violence charity, is doing the ad campaign for publicity to help bring an end to abuse.

Three cheers for trying to raise awareness and fighting back on behalf of the victims of domestic violence. But is having a celebrity made to look like they’ve been beaten up really going to affect people more than having pictures of people who have actually been beaten up? I’m sure it would be tougher to find average folks willing to be part of a campaign, but I also bet they’d be out there somewhere.

The actors who had their pictures altered are just that — actors. As a former Victim Services Advocate for a county sheriff’s department, I can assure you that the damage from domestic violence is more than bruises and cuts. It’s an injury that runs deep into the soul and you can see it in the victim’s eyes.

So, is it ok to have people talking about the campaign and the issue and possibly going straight into some chatter about a new movie project the star is in? Maybe something is better than nothing. But wouldn’t it be better to have them talking about the real problem and seeing the real injuries rather than those that can be erased with the click of a mouse?

Celebs Photoshopped For Domestic Violence – New Women’s Aid Campaign (GALLERY)

(TREND HUNTER) To raise awareness for domestic violence, the new Women’s Aid campaign features photoshopped pictures of UK celebs. The celebrities have been altered to appear as though they have been beaten, shocking… [More]

One comment on “Real bruises won’t cut it?

  1. Hi Ari,

    I found the ‘UK’ post you mentioned!
    I must say I have rather mixed feelings about this. I agree that ‘real’ photos would certainly highlight the problem in a much more realistic way. But sadly, we live in such celebrity fuelled world, that I’m pretty sure much more publicity will surround the whole campaign due to the use of ‘famous faces’.
    Well, here we are, writing about it now…..
    Also, maybe we are all becoming ‘desensitized’ to awful images, we see so many, all he time. Perhaps this is the only way to grab the attention that this campaign needs. People will look twice when they see a face they recognise…


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