The race to be MORE out of touch

John McCain and Barack Obama have started a side race in their quest for the White House — the race to see who can be more out of touch with the average voter (if such a thing really exists anymore).

Case in point is this media-driven flap about how many houses they own or how much they are worth or who knows all of their addresses or who knew the guy helping you buy your house would end up a convicted felon or blah, blah, blah.

Look, a lot of folks are struggling to buy a house or keep their house, so sure hearing that the McCains own 7 or 8 houses isn’t a great message to deliver and it’s even worse when the candidate has so many he can’t keep them all straight.

But what about Obama? His claim that he is more like Average Joe because “he only has one house” is absurd because he owns a mansion, not a house, and he gets to his vacations via a private jet and he and his opponent are U.S. senators.

And by the time you make it to that level, you’re hardly worried about stuff that Average Joe is worried about. You aren’t worried about making your house payment or putting gas in your car. It’s not about covering the cost of medical bills for your kids that your expensive and incomplete health insurance plan didn’t take care of or wondering how you’re going to make ends meet if that next paycheck isn’t there before the next round of bills hits.

So maybe both campaigns should start worrying about the one house that should matter to them: the White House. And maybe they should worry about how they are going to convince any of us that one of them actually has a clue about what it’s like to live in the real world and not the fairy tale galaxy far, far away named Washington, D.C.

What do you think? Please let everyone know!

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