Tether? Just follow the media trucks!

So there’s a big brouhaha in Detroit again this afternoon after a judge over-ruled another judge who had over-ruled him in deciding Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick could remove his electronic tether and attend the Democratic National Convention.

I can understand the dust-up over whether the mayor should be leaving the state or not, especially since he’s proven he can’t be trusted to adhere to court orders to stay home.

What I don’t understand is the big issue about the electronic tether. Does anyone seriously not know where the mayor is at any given moment? All they have to do is look for the line of media trucks, listen for the sound of PR experts backpedaling and sniff for the rotting corpse that once was the career of a bright, young political star.

2 comments on “Tether? Just follow the media trucks!

  1. Update from Detroit News:

    Tuesday, August 19, 2008
    Appeals Court upholds judge’s decision to relax Kilpatrick’s bond
    George Hunter / The Detroit News

    LANSING — The Michigan Court of Appeals has denied a motion by the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office to review a judge’s decision last week to remove a tether from Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s ankle, and allow him to attend the Democratic National Convention, the prosecutor said in a press release.

    After Wayne Circuit Court Leonard Townsend ordered Kilpatrick’s tether removed and his travel restrictions lifted during a hearing on perjury charges against the mayor Thursday, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy filed an emergency motion asking the Appellate Court to review the judge’s ruling.

    The Appeals Court denied the motion on Tuesday, Worthy’s office said — but the issue was rendered moot later Thursday during a hearing on an assault case involving the mayor, when 36th District Court Judge Ronald Giles reinstated the travel restrictions and tether.

    “Since the bond conditions were reinstated in the Michigan Attorney General’s assault case against Defendant Kilpatrick we will take no further action,” Worthy said in a statement.



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